When it comes to carpets, it’s always worth considering first how it will fit into the existing décor of the home. As you begin planning out your desired colour scheme, it’s typically a good idea to view a variety of samples so that you can contrast and compare with your existing furniture and home décor. Getting your carpet changed can seem like a relatively small task to undertake but both colour and style that is chosen can massively change the aesthetic of a room. To avoid this becoming problem, we have put together some ideas on how to properly colour match your carpet!

Coordination with your walls

If you are more than happy to repaint your own walls, the choice of colour for your carpet will tend to be more varied. However, if you are perfectly happy with your current walls, you will need to consider what flooring is going to coordinate best.

While it is true that grey, white, or cream walls are canvases that tend to pair well with pretty much any colour, wall-papered or brightly painted rooms will require more neutral shades that are subtle in nature and therefore avoid clashing. If you have a common colour scheme that includes green or blue, it can look aesthetically pleasing to match the carpet with your walls in a slightly lighter or darker shade of the same colour.

Considering your furniture

Whether you are planning on keeping the same sofas, tables, beds, and chairs, or are considering adding in some nice new pieces, it is vital that we consider the materials and colours of the furnishings before making a decision on the carpet. While it is possible to carpet the home in basically any shade that you want, you will often be faced with limited options when coming to choose your preferred furniture.

A frequent dilemma that people face is deciding what colour matches with a brown coloured sofa, whether it is one made from worn leather or one that has been softly upholstered. Since it is a natural and warm tone, brown can be best paired with a shade that is also as earthy, such as green, cream, or dark red.

Opting for neutral

If you like to change up the interior of your home décor regularly, it can be ideal to opt for carpets in neutral tones. This subsequently allows you to overhaul the look of a room an unlimited number of times without having to replace your carpet because the colour conflicts with a fresh style you’ve incorporated.

If beige carpets sound boring to you, it might be nice to hear that it’s surprisingly easy to spice it up by choosing one that has a loop style or interesting pattern. Brighter tones could then be added to the room through artwork, furniture, and cushions.

Bedroom carpet choices

You ideally want bedrooms to be relaxing spaces where can unwind in an environment that encourage this. Soft but warm shades are the perfect choice for most bedrooms since they look and feel effortlessly luxurious and cosy.

If you want bedroom ideas for a darker coloured carpet, the most important thing to remember here is balance. Making sure the walls are a lighter colour and adding some warmth with bedding and furnishings in yellow, red, or orange can also be a good idea.

Durability for your stairs

Deciding on the right colour carpet for your stairs can be its own minefield. You want to ideally be choosing something that doesn’t make visible all the dirt that will inevitably make its way onto the stairs, while also being as durable as possible to avoid fading after consistent use. Mid-tones can be a popular choice to achieve this, but striped carpets can also be eye-catching as well as practical.

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