Giving your home the perfect, unique finish can be difficult sometimes. The key to getting it just how you want can be something as simple as the fabric choice for your curtains and blinds. Playing it safe with neutral colours can be stylish, but it can also be a bit too plain. Why not add a pop of colour to your home and have home décor that reflects your personality?

At Winnens we carry a wide range of high-quality and colourful fabrics, and we’ve got some ideas for you on how to incorporate some bold colours and prints into your home.

Back to Basics
When trying to use bold colours and prints in your home décor, it can get quite overwhelming if you use too much. That’s why a good start is to go back to basics and use white as a base colour. Not only does that help avoid the room feeling too busy, but it can also really help those patterns pop!

Beaumont Textiles Alderley Collection

Image from Beaumont Textiles ‘Tropical’ Collection

Go More Modern
Bright colours are a great choice when paired with a white or neutral background. You could decorate your room with statement curtains, paired with vibrantly patterned cushions and bright accessories. And don’t be afraid to mix and match your patterns. As long the base of your room is white or neutral, bright patterns can work well together.

Beaumont Textiles Sabatini Collection

Image from Beaumont Textiles ‘Sabatini’ Collection

Add Some Drama
If you really want a vibrant room, red is a great choice. Not only does is create a cosy space with a sense of warmth, it can have a dramatic impact on the feel of your home. It is a powerful colour, and using it is a great way to really make a statement.

Beaumont Textiles Alderley Collection

Image from Beaumont Textiles ‘Alderley’ Collection

Go for a Feature Wall
Maybe you don’t want a room full of pattern and colour, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use any at all. A feature wall is a great way to inject some colour into your home and add some interest to any room. Wallcoverings are perfect for creating one that features a bold and colourful pattern.

Beaumont Textiles Empress Wallcoverings

Image from Beaumont Textiles ‘Empress’ wallcoverings collection

Have some of these patterns caught your eye? All are available from Beaumont Textiles and we can supply these and many more styles and colours to help you get your home looking stunning!

To find out more about the fabrics that we carry and the services that we offer, you can check out our Curtains, Blinds & Wallpapers page, or you can get in touch using our online contact form.