I know one of the main pluses of a carpet is that once it has been laid, that is it; it is fitted. However, if you have ever tried to clean a wall to wall carpet you will know that it is a tricky business.

Of course, they can be hoovered and spot cleaned but every now and then they will require a deep clean.

Here are our tips for keeping your carpets in top condition.

• Hoover the entire house at least twice a week. If you have pets or little people you may need to hoover more frequently.
• Deal with spot stains as soon as possible. The quicker they are dealt with avoids them becoming stubborn and difficult to remove.
• If possible spray every day or two with a carpet freshener.
• When it comes to a deep clean, hire or buy a specialised carpet cleaner. Remove as much furniture from the room as possible before you begin. Once you have finished, open the windows and let your carpet dry naturally. This also keeps your carpet smelling fresh.

Follow these tips and your carpets should benefit from prolonged life.