Pets are a big part of a lot of families, therefore, when getting new flooring you may have to consider your pets. 

Is the flooring scratch resistant? Is your pet house trained? What’s the best option for your pet? 

Making sure your floor is stylish but still comfortable, safe and durable, can be hard. Therefore, you need to think about certain aspects and qualities when its comes to choosing your flooring. 


Flooring such as stone or shiny finishes may be too slippery for your pets when they’re running around at home. The best pet friendly flooring needs to be durable and easy to clean. Vinyl flooring is a great choice if you have dogs or cats, it is usually very resistant to pet damage such as scratches and is also able to look like other flooring such as wood or tiles. 

Laminate flooring is also a great option. Just like vinyl it is also scratch resistant and comes in a water-resistant option which is a great add on to help prevent damage from spilled water bowls or accidents. 

Flooring such as wood or stone, may not be the best for your home if you have pets even if they are scratch proof. This type of surface can be slippery and may lead to accidents if your pets like to run around and play.  

Bamboo or cork floors may be a better option. These types of flooring are not only anti-microbial but also environmentally friendly. Another benefit of bamboo or cork floors is that they are warm under your feet unlike stone or wood, giving your house a warmer fell, not just for you but also your pets. 


When it comes to the best carpet for your home, you want to make sure this is also pet friendly so that you can have beautiful carpets without having to replace them all the time due to damage or wear and tear. Especially if you’re pets aren’t allowed on the sofas, they’ll love curling up on a nice soft carpet.  

Wool carpets are very prone to stains, therefore, they’re not a great option for a pet household. Instead, polypropylene is the best type of carpet for pets. It is resistant to stains and dirt, and is also more durable.  

Another thing to think about when getting a new carpet, is the colour. If you have pets, it is best to opt for a darker coloured carpet to help hide any damage that occurs. You could even get a carpet that is a similar colour to your pets fur, to help hide all of the malted hair that may happen. To keep your carpet looking its best, even with pets, hoovering on a regular basis and buying pet friendly carpet cleaners, will help keep your carpet looking good as new! 

To see what pet friendly options we have for you contact us today! Or visit our store, we will be happy to help with any queries or questions you have and will find the best options for you.