The Covid-19 restrictions over the last 2 years have seen us all spending much more time in our homes than ever before.  However frustrating it has been, there seems to have been a change in perception in how we use our homes now and the trends in decor and soft furnishings for 2022 are reflecting this.

The trend for 2022 is anticipated to focus on well-being and sustainability.  With the increase in mental health issues caused predominantly by the lack of social interaction over the last 2 years, and the explosion of awareness of the damage we’re doing to the environment, it’s not surprising that people are now focusing on these issues going forward.

People are placing a higher value on physical and mental wellness, and this is affecting how we are designing our personal spaces.  Comfort is more important in 2022 than ‘statement’, it seems, as people re-evaluate their lifestyles.

It’s anticipated that 2022 will see an increase in ‘personal spaces’.  Although the appeal of open-concept homes won’t go away, there is a prediction that ‘special-use’ areas will be created within communal spaces.  During the restrictive past 2 years, many people killed their boredom by taking up new hobbies – baking became really popular and as a result of this, the trend will be to use these spaces for multi-tasking, not just functional spaces.

Emphasis will be placed on ‘personal spaces’, for sanctuary and privacy as well as to reflect the owner’s personality.  Hobby spaces will pop up, as well as exercise areas or indulgence areas.

So what does this all translate into soft furnishing trends for 2022?

Well, we’re going to be seeing more use of ‘organic furnishings’, meaning that fabrics and furniture will become more sustainable as manufacturers are taking onboard the cost to the environment of heavily processed pieces.

Although the softer hues of creams and light greys won’t disappear, it’s predicted that there will be a trend toward using elegant and dramatic colours too – sapphire blue, emerald green and indigo purple are all on the colour palette expectations for 2022.

Soft furnishings will be made from natural bi-products of the agriculture industry including leather, shearling and wool, with furniture pieces becoming lighter in colour, rather than darker wood.  The emphasis is on trying to create a soothing, comfortable and sustainable personal space.

We’re going to be seeing more ‘biophilic’ design principles coming through – calm, natural lighting with indoor plants to create a connection to nature.  There will also be the continuing trend to create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor space.

However, biophylic design is not the only trend in home furnishings for 2022.  Some other trends being predicted are:

1. Colours

The use of bold colours and patterns reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s.  All shades of green are trending in an attempt to be at one with nature.  Other colours that will be making a big comeback are terracotta, sage and mustard – all ‘earthy’ tones to reflect our synergy with nature.

2. Furniture shapes

Traditional furniture shapes will be big in 2022 as timeless statements which are regarded as highly sustainable and long-lasting, including curved sofas, boucle chairs and cloud-shaped sofas.

3.  Art that ‘pops’

3D art is going to be big this year, as people are keen to make their homes representative of their personalities.  Art that ‘pops’ from a statement wall is definitely a cool talking point!


So, the trends in home furnishings for 2022 are focused on calming, natural spaces that reflect the homeowners’ personality.  But equally, achieving this end result will not be at the expense of the environment.  The driving forces are ‘calm personal space’ and ‘product sustainability’

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