For many people, the choice between carpet and wood or vinyl flooring is easily decided – it is a matter of personal taste. I would suggest, however, that there are certain instances when good quality carpet is really the only choice.
Here are just a few reminders of the advantages of good quality carpeting.
• Sound insulation – noise pollution within a home can have serious detrimental effects for some of the occupants. This can be especially relevant in properties with multi-occupancy, such as flats. A top quality fitted carpet will virtually eliminate all impact noise through its sound absorption.
• Energy saving – carpets add considerably to the warmth of any room, resulting in natural energy saving as the heating is turned down. It has been estimated that good fitted carpeting can make a saving of up to 30 days heating, a resultant energy saving of 4-6%, reflected in heating bills.
• Safety – there are two aspects of safety to consider. There is a marked reduction in slippage when compared with hard flooring, particularly if the surface is wet. In addition, the cushioning effect of carpet has orthopaedic qualities and, should a fall occur, there is less risk of injury.
• Health – carpets are excellent at trapping dust. The dust settles quickly and is trapped by the pile fibres of the carpet. Regular vacuuming and ventilation completes the process.
• Cleaning and maintenance – compared to the specialist treatments required by some hard floors, the cleaning and maintenance of carpets is relatively straightforward and inexpensive.

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