Anyone who has been around during the last decade will have noticed the return of the feature wall. Originally popular in the early 2000s, they add colour to a room without taking too much of a risk. The issue with the original feature walls was that they easily looked unintentional. With their comeback over more recent years, the trend has matured and has returned with a purpose.

What is a Feature Wall?

Anyone who has seen any interior photography will likely recognise what a feature wall is. For anyone who is familiar, a feature wall is a singular wall in a room that is decorated differently to the others. Typically, you then paint the rest of the room all one colour. One wall is then wallpapered or painted in a contrasting colour.

Doing this adds interest to a room without being overwhelming. This is a great option if you want to introduce bold patterns or darker colours to a room, but you don’t want to hinder the overall atmosphere of the home.

Harlequin - Entity Wallpaper

Source: Harlequin – Entity Wallpapers

Decorate One Wall or the Whole Room?

Whether you decorate the whole room or create a feature wall will depend on the outcome you’re aiming to achieve. Decorating the whole room with the same wallpaper or paint is always a good option. It creates a cohesive style and often looks great. However, as I briefly hinted to above, darker colours and bolder prints can be difficult to work with.

Dark colours are fantastic at creating drama and energy in your home. The downside is that when you decorate a whole room in one dark colour it can make the overall atmosphere feel dark, and closed-in.

Similarly, busy patterns can become overwhelming. They can easily blur into one big mess of colours if not used selectively. Some prints work well on all 4 walls, but generally, this is only the case for pale hues.

If you want to add more interest to your home without risking it being overwhelming, a feature wall is a great option. It impacts how to space feels and can reinforce your personality and style and creates a visual impact.

Harlequin - Salinas Wallpaper

Source: Harlequin – Salinas Wallpaper

What NOT to do With a Feature Wall

You can probably guess that we like features walls. That can add a lot of style and character to any room. However, if not done right they can be either underwhelming or fail to have the impact you intended. Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Don’t choose a wall that is out of the line of sight
  • Don’t put it behind the seating area – It won’t be visible when you’re sitting down
  • Don’t hang busy wallpapers around walls and windows – they will detract from the pattern and cause symmetry issues
  • Don’t put wallpaper around an open fireplace – It will get heat damage over time
Harlequin - Callista

Source: Harlequin – Callista Wallcoverings

Tips for a Great Feature Wall

Creating a feature wall successfully is an easy task to do. When done right it can be an amazing addition to your home. They add character and personality and are a fantastic way to add impact.

Here are a few tips that we have for planning your own feature wall:

  • Choose a wall that is in an area that your eye is drawn to first. Walls with existing design features such as electric fireplaces or mantlepiece are a good option
  • Be Brave – if you decorate the rest of the room with neutral colours, choosing a strong bold colour will create instant depth and drama.
  • Be Clever – if you already have a room that is painted with bright colours, opt for a feature wall that uses more subtle hues
  • Have a Strategy – consider the placement of your furniture. If your feature wall will be in a living room, some people choose the wall that their tv hangs on/sits in front of. If it is in your bedroom, the best choice is the wall behind the head of the bed.
Harlequin - Salinas Wallpaper

Source: Harlequin – Salinas Wallpaper

How Can Winnens Help?

At Winnens we have extensive experience within the furniture and interiors industry. With our very own interior design, we can help you plan your living spaces, including helping you add a feature wall to your home!

Wallpapers that we think make stunning feature walls are the various brilliant collections from Harlequin.  They have a mixture of vibrant colours and gorgeous patterns. We’re sure you’ll find something perfect for your home.

We can source high-quality flooring, designer wallpapers and stylish curtains and blinds. If you need help with your project, book your very own personal consultation through our easy-to-use form.