Choosing the best flooring can be a difficult and daunting task for anyone. This is usually because flooring makes such a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of your property. It’s also important to get it right the first time because if you were to make a mistake, you’re going to come to regret it down the line, having already gone through all the hard work. Whether you’re just start to design your new home or renovating, it’s important to consider which flooring option is best for you. Changing your flooring every few months is not the most economically viable choice, so use our tips to help you in deciding!


First and foremost, you need to consider the space of the room that you’re going to be laying your flooring in. Size and shape of the floor can be especially vital here, as well as the way the room is lit to expose the flooring. Lighter coloured flooring will make smaller rooms look and feel more spacious, while darker colourings will make a room feel smaller but provide a warmer aesthetic.

Getting the necessary samples from your flooring supplier will allow you to lay them out and see how they look on your floor. Seeing them in place like this can give you a greater sense of how they might look on the outside.


When we consider how the flooring is going to fit alongside the existing environmental surroundings, it’s always a good idea to contemplate the style of the flooring itself. The flooring you choose has to sit well stylistically alongside everything else in the property. We’ve all walked into a property where the styles simply don’t match; this is something that can be identified on first impressions alone.

Selecting the right flooring style will largely come down to personal preference, but ensure that whatever you choose, it fits with the existing selections you already have in your property.


Think about the amount of use your flooring is actually going to get across its life span and the specific activities that might be taking place in the room. Practicalities such as this are incredibly important to consider when it comes to flooring. Kitchen flooring, for example, will frequently experience a number of stains and spills, so you would need to invest in flooring that is robust, sturdy, and easy to clean.


What about the different types of flooring options that are available? There is an abundance of choices, but the four main types of flooring we see are wood, vinyl, tiles, and carpet.

Type will largely come down to personal preference. Sub-types of flooring are also worth considering, such as solid wood, hardwood, old-fashioned or imitation wood-effected vinyl.


As with most things in this industry, flooring can be either incredibly cheap or eye-wateringly expensive. Knowing the budget you have to work with is absolutely essential but sticking to it is even more important. Work out how much you have to spend and stay within the budget you have set out. At Winnens, we take your budget considerations into account, so you can be rest assured that we are taking your personal preferences and individual circumstances with us as we look to choose the right flooring for you!

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