Wall panelling is a fantastic way to transform any room inside your home, adding dimension and interest to your interior walls. A trend that used to be confined to more historic homes, wall panelling is a budget-friendly and easy DIY project suitable for any modern home.

The other added benefit of wall panelling is the versatility, there are so many different design choices, you could add panelling to every room of your home and still create completely different aesthetics! In this blog we will explore our favourite wall panelling ideas for your home.

Contemporary Style Wall Panelling

Make it contemporary with wood strip panelling. This scandi-inspired look with a light wood is a great way to add a natural texture to your room. Alternatively, you could try a darker wood for a darker and cosier atmosphere.

Try the Half Wall Panelling

A very popular trend in the world of wall panelling, is the half wall. This is a nod to Edwardian grandeur and works particularly well in hallways. This is because in a smaller space, the half wall can stop it feeling overpowering, it can also be painted in a darker colour and even a hardier paint – to protect against scuffs!

You could also add some unique wallpaper to the upper half of the wall, this is a great option if you’d like a bold print but without it being much.

Create a Stunning Wall Feature

Instead of applying panelling to the whole of your room, you could choose to utilise it as a main feature. You can add it to a fireplace or above your bed as a feature headboard to create a stunning visual.

Geometric Style

Make it ultra-modern with geometric style panelling. This easy panelling idea is created by attaching battens to the wall in a symmetrical geometric design and then painting all one colour.

Cost-effective Panelling with Beading

Beading is one of the most cost-effective ways to add panelling to your walls, this is because generally is costs a lot less that whole sheets of MDF. Another benefit is it’s far easier to cut to size at home.

Beading creates stunning panels, making ceilings feel higher and can also be combined with shorter panels to add definition to the walls of your room.

Our Top tips for Wall Panelling

  1. Measure, measure, measure!
  2. Think about your home furnishings.
  3. Take your time on each step, don’t rush.
  4. Make note of the position of your plug sockets and any other fixtures.